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Why do I really love what I do?

Blog by The O'Brien Group | April 3rd, 2017

Why do I really love what I do?

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At the root is the ultimate sense of accomplishment - the win if you will...

Of course I love the autonomy - but not really, since I am my harshest critic and the most demanding boss of myself.

I guess flexibility is also welcome in my business - but at the end of the day all that flexibility goes to what I love to do and that's work!

Truthfully, best days are days with an accomplishment or two, with both my business and time with family. For the most part, I can achieve that. Being able to have that balance is key for me as well. 

So, the accomplishment, the win is all about my clients!  Did I win in a multiple offer situation for our buyers - securing for them the property of their dreams?  Did I earn that new listing - articulating to the sellers why I will do the best job for them bar-none? People are the accomplishment! What I can do for them is WIN - and I can... and I love that!!