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Vancouver Real Estate in 10 years

Blog by The O'Brien Group | April 26th, 2017

Well, hang on while I grab my crystal ball...


What I see is major multi family housing developments on all the currently single family zoned main thoroughfares.

Picture Dunbar St with Row Houses and medium density multi family units. Similar to what Oak is becoming. 

Now think "Olympic Village' but south of 2nd Ave., those little light industrial business' days are numbered - don't you think??

I see more high rise condos that will extend the 'Village' to a 'Town' ... taking on more of a life of its own as a neighbourhood.

I see Lane Houses that are Strata Titled (so the registered owner is not the person in the main house) 

The Fraser and Knight neighborhoods I am sure will hit the trendiness level that Main has become, with Craft Beer and Organic coffee spouting up on every other corner.

I see many families living in close urban and suburban quarters and business' that specialize in making small spaces work will flourish.

I see communities like Marpole and Collingwood take off - after all, call them the little sisters of the cool older siblings - they are STILL in Vancouver - east or west doesn't even matter anymore - 

And where will prices be in 10 years?  I'm going to suggest up - right??

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