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Up and Coming Area’s in Metro Vancouver – Did your neighbourhood make the list?

Blog by The O'Brien Group | February 27th, 2017

Up and Coming Area’s in Metro Vancouver – Did your neighbourhood make the list?


First time home buyers, 2017 is your year! A few items of note have come down the pipeline: Firstly, there is the Government’s new initiative to match first time home buyers down payments (See link below). Secondly, there are many new affordable housing opportunities coming about in Vancouver (Check out "Developments" Page). So first time home buyers, if ever there were a time to start looking, this year is your year. Up and coming neighbourhoods are always a topic of conversation amongst Realtors, Clients and the Public at large, but where are they really? One of the most interesting areas that is coming into its own is the River District, we are talking the Vancouver side, on the East Side of Marine Drive. This is a HUGE project undertaken by Wesgroup, a master-planned community that will be the largest planned community Vancouver South-East has seen in a very long time. This community boasts water views, shopping, restaurants and parks with easy access into Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. An incredible opportunity for first time buyers to get into a market, buy new and enjoy a community that is centrally located. The River District is a cool local by nature, perfect for those who are looking to get out of the suburban life-style but not yet ready to commit to a complete urban one. Another neighbourhood that is looking up is the Vancouver – Collingwood area. Not sold on the area? Neither were we until the past month. This area is incredible, such sensible prices, there is walkability with Kingsway to the south and transit galore! Not the coolest part of the city yet, but makes incredible sense for a first time buyer! There are a few newer developments along Kingsway and some nice renovations being done in the right buildings on the north side of the Millennium/Expo lines. Housing prices in this area are on the up-trend so it is a great opportunity for the first time buyer to get into to the market and have a good return on their first big investment. Lastly, if you are first time buyer or just looking to make a move, there is an incredible pre-sale opportunity more in the heart of Vancouver – check out this Cambie Pre-Sale by Contessa. Gorgeous properties, fantastic location and right next to Queen Elizabeth Park. This new build is in very high demand, so make sure you talk to us first and let’s get in there with the info!


 If you are ever considering a move and have any questions, the O’Brien Group is here to help! 

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