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Should I list my home in Spring?

Blog by The O'Brien Group | April 3rd, 2017

Spring is here! 


Should I list my home in Spring? 


Many people believe that 'Spring' is the time to list their property for sale. We usually see a major flux in inventory around this time of year because of that way of thinking.

Better weather translates to brighter homes, pretty gardens, and perhaps the ability for interested buyers to get out and look around! (Without having too much terrible weather to contest with)

We all love Spring time - a time of renewal, growth and change.  A time where we aren't away on vacation or shopping for the holidays. It's not back to school time or end of the year time.

It's a logical time - 

However, this time of year sounds great and it is! But if we look around critically, we see the best time to sell your property is when less people are doing so!  Economics 101 will tell us that supply and demand is the # 1 factor. If you are to be part of the supply that will be fueling the Real Estate Market, list your property when you can stand out and not get lost in the crowd.

So! - it's ok to offer your precious investment to the open market when it's gloomy outside and there is less inventory to compete with.  Put on some soft lighting, a fire in the fire place.  Set the dining room table as if company was coming for dinner - pop some winter pansies in outdoor containers and be sure to have some pictures on the iPad to show off your fabulous outdoor space during the prime patio season!

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